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Who wants an award?

The 6th Anniversary celebration and awards night for Your Partnerships. Who will you nominate?

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YP Expanding

Your Partnerships is making links across the UK, that will greatly benefit existing members and bring new opportunities to all who are connected.

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YOUR PARTNERSHIPS ACADEMY Another Facet To Supporting Businesses

Your Partnerships Academy offers another facet to supporting businesses, with experts speaking about their subject areas.

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Empowering Cornwall's Creative Businesses Through Investment

Creating growth in the Creative Industries in Cornwall - free, extensive support available...

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Empowering Business and Wellbeing

Read the story of Rachel Jones, a childcare entrepreneur who now runs the Business Development side of charity Clear Support.

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CHRISTMAS - Coming Soon To A Customer Near You!

Using calendars and wall planners to extend the reach of your brand - cost effective and simple solutions.

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Ambassadorship at Your Partnerships

Your Partnerships Ambassadors are running events across the country. Find out how becoming an Ambassador can benefit your business.

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AI for your business

Navigating the Landscape of ChatGPT and AI-Powered Content For Your Business. Is it any good, and can it help your business?

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Megan Schirnhofer

Meet Megan Schirnhofer, Sales and Marketing Manager at Your Partnerships