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Hypnotherapy is a natural process which is increasingly recognised as being fast, effective and enjoyable.  It can help us to:

  • Control stress and anxiety and feel positive, productive, calm and confident
  • Sleep well and wake up feeling refreshed
  • Manage fears and phobias
  • Manage weight and eating
  • Change habits and form better ones

If you suffer from anxiety, depression, anger or feel you are holding yourself back – hypnotherapy can probably help. Solution focused hypnotherapy is known to work quickly and is a straightforward and enjoyable process.

Newquay Hypnotherapy
We are bringing the latest in neuroscience and the art of relaxation to the people of Newquay and Cornwall. We work with adults and children from 8 years old, helping them to overcome fears and anxiety and achieve what they want.  Our mission is to help as many people as possible, as quickly as possible. What drives us is the excitement of knowing that everyone has within them vast resources for creating a happy and fulfilling life.  These can be accessed at any time, quickly and easily.  It may not always feel like it but amazing things can happen – and they don’t need to wait.
​Newquay Hypnotherapy is led by Adam Pearson.  We are part of a network of local health professionals and plan to expand as the practice and the field develop. We are accredited by the National Council for Hypnotherapy (NCH) and the Association for Solution Focused Hypnotherapy (AfSFH).
Adam Pearson
I studied at the Clifton Practice hypnotherapy college in Bristol, training with a brilliant group of experienced and forward-thinking practitioners.  I became interested in hypnotherapy when I was asked to apply some phobia-curing techniques I learned on a training course, and they worked.  One client of mine was fed up of not flying and needed to travel for work.  After a couple of hours relearning some thought patterns, she enrolled on a ‘return to flying’ course with British Airways, and passed with … er … flying colours.  She ended up taking over from the course facilitators and helping other passengers onto the plane!My clients will not need to do any extra courses – simple phobias can usually be overcome in 4 sessions. More general anxiety can take a little longer. Another client of mine hadn’t been on public transport for 25 years because of panic attacks, which often started before she left the house. After a few weeks she was venturing out more confidently, and after couple of months she made her first trip on the London Underground, at the deepest, most enclosed section of the line.  She enjoyed the journey, smiling and breathing easily.  She now travels freely and comfortably.These and other experiences have demonstrated to me how overcoming fears and anxieties in one area of our lives can have wide-reaching effects, often far beyond the initial issue.  I decided if helping people to enjoy their lives is this easy, and this much fun, I have to do more.

My professional background is in leadership, organisational change, and youth development.  My linkedin profile has more details.  I also volunteer regularly with The Wave Project – a brilliant charity helping young people to reduce anxiety and develop confidence through surfing.

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