Alan Jones

Alan Jones - The Enigmatist

What we can conceive is not the limit of possibility

Alan Jones : The Enigmatist

Presenter of Enigmas

Mind Reading – Is It Possible?

Do you really have Free Will – Can you be Influenced?

Alan is a Mind Magician, Mentalist and Story Teller.

He has worked on Stage, Television and Radio.

If you’ve seen Derren Brown, then you’ll have an idea of what Alan’s shows are all about. He mixes psychology and theatre to raise questions about the possibility of the improbable.

His alter-ego, Emrys y Dewin (Emrys the Magician) takes his spiritual interests in the Druidic Tradition (Alan is a Druid) and presents Bardic Tales, stories of Merlin and related myths and legends.

His Enigmatist shows and Emrys y Dewin shows are complementary, but both revolve around the creation of story, the exploration of illusion and the importance of myth.

Jeff McBride, Las Vegas Illusionist and Winner of Penn and Tellers ‘Fool Us’ has said that:

“Alan is a real wizard”

His shows are a blend of the psychological, the unusual, the uncanny and the unearthly. Alan’s aim is to amuse, entertain and create a sense of mystery which in of itself can be transformational. This is not just a theatrical presentation of mental possibilities, but an invitation to question perceptions of reality.

Work includes : Hospitality, Corporate Events, Cabaret, Theatre and Promotional Events

Alan has worked at : NEC (Corporate Trade Show), Rebok Stadium. Royal Albert Hall and  various theatres and venues through the UK and Europe. He had a regular spot as Mind Magician BBC Radio Devon and Cornwall.

He has also been involved in Film and Stage Projects (consultant) and Video Promotions for businesses and musicians.

Alan presents a complete (theatrical) recreation of a Victorian Seance as well as other forms of what could be callerd Psychic Entertainment.


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