Ambassadorship at Your Partnerships
Any Your Partnerships event that you go to, whether in person or online, will have someone ‘running’ it. Since Brock hasn’t mastered the art of cloning himself, or teleportation, and can’t be present everywhere, the host role is shared. Your Partnerships has a wonderful team of Ambassadors, hosting events and being the focal point on the day.

If you’re interested in joining our ambassador programme and want to know what the
next steps are, drop us an email at

Any Member of Your Partnerships can be an Ambassador, and it’s a great thing to do for your business. Being an Ambassador is a great way to make those attending the event aware of your business – who you are, what you do, what your core values and activities are. Even if they don’t need your services themselves at this point in time, they may do later on, or come across someone who does. While this is definitely the case with all networking, the higher profile that Ambassadorship brings means that you’re going to be ‘top of the list’.

Becoming an Ambassador is easy
There is no cost involved, and it’s as simple as having a conversation with one of the team – Warren D’Souza, Jon Iacomino, or Jay-Anne Dingwall, the Ambassadors Champion (Or Brock, but you have to move fast to keep up with him).

What kind of event will you host?
Talk with Warren, Jon or Jay-anne about what kind of event you want to host. You know the area you’re in, and you will know whether breakfasts, lunches, or dinners, or some activity like golf, cream teas, walks or cocktails, will be the most attractive for the business people you want to bring in. Events can be quarterly or bi-monthly, although most are monthly.

Online events are also still a part of what Your Partnerships does, so if you have an idea for an event that will work best online, then speak up!

For some, an industry-specific event has appeal. Your Partnerships already has successful Property, Investment, Construction and Trade events taking place in Hayle, Bodmin, Plymouth and Torquay, as well as Charity, Trust and CIC events in Roche and Plymouth. Our Marketing and Advertising events take place near Truro, and in Plymouth, so if you want to borrow those templates for your area, you’re welcome. Or maybe you have another idea…

Some industries hold online-online events, as these professionals are spread too thin, geographically, to sensibly join up in person, for example our monthly Cyber security, Telecoms and IT Industry meet-up.

The next question is ‘where?’
For some, your premises is perfect, but for others, you’ll need to connect with a local venue of some kind. Your Partnerships is very happy to support you in this, and may have links to businesses in your area already that we can introduce you to.

You’ll need somewhere that’s got good access, good transport links, good food (if that’s part of your event), and where you can set up a good deal that works for the venue as well as your event. Some will require your guests to pay for any food separately, where some might ask for a per-capita payment to cover whatever is consumed.

Your Partnerships will support you
Your Partnerships takes care of all the logistics. In the planning stages, we’ll help you locate and negotiate with your venue, then promote your event on our website and social media, and take bookings. One the day, one of our team will hopefully be able to be with you, and help you set up and welcome your guests, then it’s over to you. Your event will be more successful if you can put in a certain amount of time yourself to promote it, and encourage guests to come, as well as following up with guests, and those who dropped out. However, it’s not a huge commitment of time, and is very much an investment in both your own business, and your local business community. So, if you’re interested, why not take the first step, and contact the team today on

London, East Anglia, Birmingham and the Midlands, the North East, Kent, Somerset and the South Coast.

Article by Hannah Danson of Your Partnerships