CHRISTMAS - Coming Soon To A Customer Near You!

Around this time of year, it’s time to think about Christmas. And New Year. 2024 will be interesting, for sure – that’s about as much as we can say, given that the last few years have been one curveball after another.

However, there are certain things that remain constant. One of those is that people like to know where in the year they are.

Calendars and wall planners will be around for many years yet, despite the advent of digital versions. People like paper calendars, and wall planners where they can see the whole year at a glance.

Year-Round Brand Visibility
Giving branded calendars and planners to your customers is a great way to keep your name and logo in people’s consciousness, literally every day of the year. If you’ve not thought about this as a means of raising awareness of your brand, maybe 2024 is the year to do it. The number of impressions (times that people see your brand) for the cost of the items, is surprisingly high, especially if your customer has a high-traffic, or public-facing workplace.

Boosters, based in Redruth in Cornwall since their formation in 1998, has been selling calendars and wall planners for the best part of a decade. This enduring popularity is probably due to the relatively low cost, in the opinion of Craig Harrison, Sales Manager. A print run of 250 A3 wall planners can be as little as £200, and your customer is likely to replace your 2024 calendar with your 2025 one automatically, when you send it to them.

A calendar, with an image per month that can be either stock photos or something supplied by your business, has a higher price point, but with more opportunity to personalise the product. In both cases you can add your own things into the dates.

So trade shows and events where you will have a stand, and causes, commemorations or awareness raising that you want to tie your brand to, such as Pride month, Deaf awareness week, Movember and the rest. And you can add special offers, reminders to order your product in time for certain events, and other key markers in your business’ year. Definitely worth thinking about – and getting an order in soon, so that you can distribute in plenty of time.

Boosters’ New Look
Many businesses now are consciously choosing to buy local, and Boosters is a tried-and-tested Cornish company, that’s been providing branded goods since 1998. Boosters MD Blair Carroll’s motto has always been ‘the answer’s yes, what’s the question?’ as far as customer requests are concerned, and that translates to a very customer-focussed ethos. As the team look forward to the future and carrying on Blair’s ethos, they have many plans to increase customer engagement and continue to improve the relationships with all their clients. Their aim is to make sure that each ends up with the product or products they need to meet the promotional requirements of their business, at a price point that works for them. ‘Don’t buy, buy right’ is Craig’s catchphrase, and he wants to be sure that every product they sell is something he’d be happy to have the Boosters name on.

Since the early days, Boosters’ biggest sellers are mugs, pens and notebooks. The range has changed – you’re as likely to get a travel mug now as a ceramic one, and your pen could very easily be eco-friendly – but the support is the same. You will be guided through choosing the best product, and the best placement of logos and text, and how to use the colours of your brand most effectively for awareness and visibility.

With a new focus and a rebrand being completed in August 2023, and an office move completed in June 2023, Craig is confident that Boosters is going to stand the test of time. Its foundations – a customer-first approach, strong advice and strong service, backed up with promises to sort out any issues that occur – have ensured that Boosters has some big national customers as well as many, many local ones.

At Your Partnerships networking events, Craig Harrison regularly stands up and says “I’m Craig from Boosters. I sell pens.”
It’s becoming a running joke, but there’s a lot more to it than that. Photo credit - Dave Scoffin Photography.

To find out more, see their shiny new website at, or drop Craig a line on

Article by Hannah Danson at HD Words.