I Spy... Your Partnerships vans!
How many have you seen?

The three Your Partnership vans can often be seen in the wild, in their distinctive plumage of green and blue on white. They are solitary creatures, usually, but you can often catch one at many of the Your Partnerships events in the region.

They are also migratory, travelling the roads of the south of England between events and their home nests. Robust creatures, they are equipped to handle the worst of weathers, and will often carry passengers. In addition to their drivers, there is space for five extra humans, which allows the drivers to take additional people with them to events, saving on driving, parking and the environment as well. The luggage capacity is more than sufficient for display materials, boxes of Your Partnerships Magazine, and overnight luggage if necessary.

Sometimes you can see more than one van at an event, and if you listen closely when they meet, you will be able to hear them discussing their recent activities, and comparing their new decorative markings. Each van is subtly different, featuring the branding and logos of the specific businesses which have sponsored them. The vans take pride in this, and are delighted to share their new plumage from time to time. On Your Partnerships’ social media, you can periodically find photos of business owners posing next to their logos newly applied to the vans, which boosts the vans’ egos no end!

At YP events, you will often see the vans parked in very obvious parking spaces in front of the venues. Their drivers will tell you that this is to ensure that guests to the events know that they have arrived at the correct place, but the vans will tell you differently. They consider themselves related to the peacock, and are showy creatures, needing to be admired, so where better to park than right outside the front door?

If any YP member is interested in having their logo on one of the vans, then speak to the team. Van sponsorship opportunities come up from time to time, and the visibility of your brand, not only driving around the region but also parked up at every event, is considerable. Plus the prestige of having your name associated with one of these beautiful vans…

A growing clan?
The vans are a small club at present, with only three members – driven by Brock, Jon Iacomino and Warren D’Souza. However, the vans are keen to welcome new arrivals to their flock. If any other ambassadors are interested in having a YP van, then do speak to Brock. Each van is leased and insured by YP, and the driver pays for fuel and maintenance. Sponsorship covers the lease costs, so if an ambassador or local area can generate enough interest in van sponsorship, a deal can be made. The current set of vans are all 6-seater crew cab, diesel vans, although of three different marques. Other options can be discussed, if a case can be made for a different setup.

Photography by Lizzie Melvin of Elizabeth Melvin Photography. Writing by Hannah Danson of HD Words.
Sign and Print vehicle graphics by More Creative