Meet AdSmart From Sky – Affordable TV Advertising
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Introducing AdSmart from Sky

Find out why businesses of all shapes and sizes can benefit from this next-generation form of TV advertising, to reach the right audience with their message, for a lot less than you might think.

Sky is a big name in broadcasting, and adverts placed within their programmes have the potential to reach millions of viewers – at a budget to match. But advertising on TV isn’t just for the Big Boys. If you don’t actually need to reach millions of viewers, but just people in your area, or specific interest group, that’s where AdSmart comes in.

With AdSmart, different ads can be shown to different households watching the same programme. This means businesses like yours can now advertise on some of the nation’s favourite channels, but only to the precise audience you want. Households can be selected using over 1200 attributes based on factors like age, location, spending behaviour, vehicle ownership and affluence. AdSmart’s precision radically reduces the costs, making TV advertising possible for almost any business.

Why my business?
TV advertising is a great way to stand out from your competitors, and increase your sales, or brand awareness. You can tailor your viewers to very specific geographic areas or demographic groups, or those with a particular interest, with the help of the person managing your AdSmart account, to get the most out of your investment. And it can cost as little as £3,000, to get a high-quality ad on TV, in front of your potential customers.
TV advertising is known to be highly effective, and can create ‘watercooler moments’ if you get it right, where your ad is the talked-about event the next day.

Making it work for you
The AdSmart Regional Executives are key to getting it right. Kayleigh Savva is the Regional Exec for Devon and Cornwall, and she and her colleagues in the south west are the people who will ensure that your business gets great value for money with your AdSmart investment.
woman standing in front of a railing, on a sunny day, wearing a cream coloured top, water in the background
Kayleigh Savva

Kayleigh explains: “I educate my clients on the how the platform works, as well as our fantastic video on demand and digital propositions. I help clients plan their campaigns using a combination of our first-party data as well as third-party providers to ensure we select only the households relevant to the advertiser’s message, those we know will have a higher interest in what they are offering. I’m responsible for placing all TV campaign bookings and will walk with clients on their journey from production of the ad to going live, to evaluating the campaign performance. I hold their hand, all the way through.”

Contact details for the whole South West team are below.

Happy customer
Vospers marketing manager, Darren Bennett, was present when Kayleigh gave a presentation about AdSmart at a recent Big Lunch at Boringdon Golf Club in Plymouth.
He said: “You did a great job of entertaining and explaining your solutions for businesses of all sizes. I hope everyone in the room gets in touch with you. We’ve seen the results for ourselves. Well done and thank you for the invitation, and the mention for Vospers during the presentation.”

Kayleigh Savva has been the AdSmart Regional Executive for Devon and Cornwall (and before that, including Somerset) since 2021, coming from a background in both sales and marketing. Beginning in traditional and digital marketing, including photography, she moved into sales for a creative agency in Devon, working with their clients in a role that was as much business development as it was sales. That agency was a reseller for AdSmart, and she was headhunted from there at the end of 2021, as they recognised her excellent personal skills and the way she built and maintained client relationships.

She says “I love it! It’s creative, every day is different, I meet different people and can do all the face-to-face networking that I enjoy. There’s a great work-life balance, which is important to me, and I get to travel all over Devon and Cornwall, which is lovely. I’m glad Leigh has taken over Somerset though – that was a big patch!”

Calling all production companies…
Agencies and production companies can also act as agents for AdSmart, steering their clients through the process, for a commission. If your business is involved in video production of any kind, this might be something that you might want to look into, allowing you to offer a seamless service for your customers, from idea to broadcast. Cristina Moyle of Funky Media is an agent for AdSmart, as is Advertising IQ.

Ray Marrett, Director of Advertising IQ, a creative agency based in Devon, “Sky AdSmart is a revolutionary way of advertising on TV, allowing local brands to target their audience based on their location, lifestyle, and preferences. This means more relevant ads, more efficient spending, and more measurable results. Ad IQ works with local brands who want to grow their business and reach new customers, and Sky AdSmart has been a gamechanger for them. Thanks to Kayleigh's guidance and support, we have been able to create and launch successful campaigns that have boosted our clients' brand awareness, sales, and loyalty.”

Group of team members, holding drinks, in the sunshine, wearing summer clothes. 7 people in total.
The South West team, on a recent away-day. L-R , Kayleigh, Kelly, David (Director of AdSmart), Tabitha, Lewis, Paul, Leigh

Paul Lovesy
Regional Controller for the South West

Kayleigh Savva
Regional Executive for Devon & Cornwall

Kelly McGregor
Regional Executive for Bristol

Lewis Swift
Regional Executive for Southampton

Tabitha Penny
Regional Executive for Gloucestershire

Leigh Robinson
Regional Executive for Somerset & Bath

Article written by Hannah Danson for Your Magazine.