Craig Harrison and Donna Lee only took over ownership of Boosters Ltd in December 2023, but already they have been recognised by the promotional merchandising industry, with an award presented at the end of June.

Boosters is part of the PAGE group (Promotional Advertising Gift Enterprises), an exclusive membership group of promotional merchandising distributors, and attended their annual conference in mid-June. Part of the conference is an awards dinner, at which Craig and Donna were presented with the Gold award, for Distributor of the Year, 2023-24. 

Craig Harrison and Donna Lee, with Brian Hayward, MD of PAGE.

The award is separated into turnover groups, with Boosters qualifying in the group for less than £1m turnover – along with 24 others of the membership of 37. All those distributors were scored out of 5, by the wide range of suppliers who participate in the PAGE group’s catalogue and sales range. The marks were given for areas such as how accurate their orders were, whether they paid on time, how knowledgeable their staff were, and how courteous and friendly – with a total of 8 categories. It is a huge credit to Craig and Donna, and their team, that Boosters was placed top, winning the gold award for their turnover group.

This means that Boosters has now concrete proof that they are trustworthy, and that the new ownership has been successful. More suppliers will be looking to work with them, in the future, and new product ranges will become available through Boosters. 

For potential customers, this is naturally a good thing, but it also gives assurance that the Boosters team knows what they’re talking about, and can give solid advice, based on their wide knowledge of the products that they can supply. Customers can approach the Boosters team with even greater confidence, now.

And for Craig and Donna, Sales Director and MD respectively, this is a real boost – yes, pun intended – showing that they did the right thing in taking on the company, and can make it work with them at the helm. Congratulations to you both, and the whole team!