Online networking – why there’s still a place for it in 2022


Networking – where you talk business with people from local businesses.

Online Networking – where you talk business with people from anywhere at all!


Your Partnerships has been doing online networking since November 2019 – yes, we were just factionally ahead of the curve, and yes, that was remarkably prescient of us!

We set it up initially as a means to connect people who couldn’t make regular face-to-face networking events, but it quickly became our only means of networking during the height of the pandemic in 2020. Since then, face-to-face networking has returned to our schedules, but online networking still has a place, and a significant contribution to make to the world of business connections.

So why do you still need online networking in a post-covid world?

There are several reasons – geography, specificity, cost and convenience being the main ones.


Online networking allows you to meet with anyone at all, anywhere in the world. Your Partnerships has members across the globe, and Ambassadors in America, South Africa and in Europe, as well as Australia.

If you want to do business from one geographical location to another, this is the ideal way of making connections that will be of value to you.


If you service a very small industry, of which there aren’t many in your area, you might feel that there’s not going to be a lot that you can gain from a face-to-face networking locally. You probably already know all the movers and shakers in your patch. However, if you can join an online networking group that looks at the wider area in which you operate, then there are going to be more connections for you to make. Once you take away the physical boundaries, there’s a lot of potential, suddenly.

Your Partnerships has Subject Specific networking looking at:

  • Business advice, business finance and business protection;
  • HR, Recruitment and training;
  • Sport, fitness and nutrition;
  • Businesses with purpose, which includes charities and CICs as well as environmentally or ethically focussed businesses;
  • Business coaching; and
  • Cyber security, telecoms, and IT


Your Partnerships has an on online-only membership option, which costs just £12.50 + VAT per month, meaning that you can network from the comfort of your own home, without having to factor in the cost of fuel, perhaps paying for parking, and the cost of the coffee, breakfast or cake that you would purchase at a face-to-face meeting. Face-to-face is great, but for many businesses it’s a great option that still ensures that you can meet the people who can help you (and you can help them too, don’t forget).


And then there’s the convenience. In a ‘post-covid’ world, people are still getting COVID (other bugs are available!) So if you’re stuck at home recovering, you can still network from the safety of your home office, without risking infecting anyone else. And people with health conditions, kids off school, cars in the garage to be fixed, and any number of others who are stranded at home, are also able to join in.

The beauty of online networking is that you network for an hour, and then you can go back to your regular work – no driving, no hunting for a parking space, no rushing across the car park in pouring rain... (Cornwall we’re looking at you!)

Amazing new opportunities

The final reason for getting involved with online networking through Your Partnerships is that we’ve recently entered into a collaboration with 6 other online networking specialists. Your Partnerships members gain access to ALL the online networking offered by these groups – up to 60 events per month. There’s so much to explore, and so many more people to meet!

Do get in touch with us to explore all that online networking can offer you and your business.



Blog by Hannah Danson of HD Words