Why choose YP?
Interview with Emma Cole, Growth Coach UK

Hannah Danson of HD Words interviewed Emma Cole of Growth Coach UK, in June 2024, to find out why she likes Your Partnerships, and why it’s different from other networking groups she’s been involved with.

Emma had been with YP for a year and a week at the time we talked, and although, going into that first meeting she felt apprehensive, she came out of it having met some amazing ladies, and with an invitation to a make-up party that evening. Being new to Cornwall, making connections was important to her, and she says she’s got lifelong friendships growing now, as well as business connections.

Discussing the difference between YP and other networking groups, she describes YP as ‘grown up networking’ She says, ‘you're allowed to be who you need to be in that room, … you're really encouraged to have conversations, but you're not scored on just referring people for the sake of referring them or talking to them just for the sake of talking to them. It's about making sure you get the right business connections, and you have those really important conversations where you build rapport and trust, in a much more natural and unforced way.’

She definitely recommends YP to people, not just here in Cornwall, but also, as the network has grown, to connections back where she moved from in the South East, where they too have benefitted from, as she describes it, ‘the fresh air and the fresh perspective, that YP is bought to that networking arena.’
Emma also sent over a testimonial for YP, prior to our conversation, which she has allowed us to share, below.

You can listen to the whole conversation on Channel Radio FM, as part of Kitti Castle’s Networking Hour. Click here to find the show - we're from 37 minutes 30 seconds, but the rest of hte show is good too! 

You can contact Emma and learn more about her coaching services via her website

Finding My Tribe: 
As I contemplated relocating and diving into a new professional community, the buzz surrounding Your Partnerships (YP) was impossible to ignore. Everywhere I turned, people were extolling the virtues of this dynamic networking group. Intrigued by the overwhelmingly positive feedback, I decided to attend one of their Women in Business events – and from that moment on, I was hooked.

What struck me immediately about YP was the sense of camaraderie and inclusivity that permeated every interaction. From seasoned entrepreneurs to budding startups, the diversity of backgrounds and industries represented was truly inspiring. In YP, I found my tribe – a supportive community of like-minded individuals who shared not only my professional aspirations but also my commitment to personal growth and development.

One of the standout features of YP is the sheer breadth of networking opportunities it offers. Whether through industry-specific meet-ups, workshops, or social gatherings, there's always something happening within the YP ecosystem. What's more, the support doesn't end with exchanging business cards and pleasantries – YP is genuinely invested in helping its members thrive. From expert-led seminars and workshops to mentorship programs, the resources available are tailored to empower individuals and businesses alike to reach their full potential.

What truly sets YP apart, however, is its unwavering commitment to evolution. In an ever-changing business landscape, YP doesn't rest on its laurels but instead proactively seeks out new ways to add value to its members. Whether by embracing emerging technologies, fostering strategic partnerships, or pioneering innovative approaches to networking, YP remains at the forefront of the industry.

Joining Your Partnerships was one of the best decisions I've made for my professional growth. It's more than just a networking group – it's a vibrant community where collaboration reigns supreme, and success is measured not only by individual achievements but by the collective triumphs of all its members. If you're seeking a supportive, diverse, and forward-thinking environment to nurture your aspirations, look no further than Your Partnerships.