Recommend a new member, and win a prize – how simple is that?
Your Partnerships Referral Reward Programme is launching in June 2024, with the first prizes being awarded at the start of July.

How can you win one?
Well, when you recommend YP, and your contact signs up for our popular 30-day free trial, they will be asked how they heard about us. If they say select ‘another member’ then they have the opportunity to search the membership list for your name, and highlight you. Your name is then entered into the monthly prize draw.  And the more referrals you make, the more chances you have to win!

Exciting prizes
The prizes for June are:
  • First Prize: A bottle of champagne* and free entry to a Big Lunch of your choice.
  • Second Prize: Free entry to a Big Lunch of your choice.
  • Third, fourth and fifth prizes: A bottle of wine*.
* non-alcoholic alternatives are available.

The prizes each month will vary, depending on what we have on offer, so if you would like to, the offer is there for your business to sponsor a prize, or a month’s worth of prizes, although they must be something that is of value, not a free offer that people need to spend money with you in order to claim.

How can I get involved?
It’s easy. Mention Your Partnerships, hand out the ‘free 30 day trial’ business cards, share the QR codes, and make sure people know why you are involved. And ask them politely to mention your name when they sign up! (Offer to share the champagne maybe?)

And have a think about how you could support the scheme with prizes. Talk to your area lead, to see how it could work for you and your business.

Your Partnerships is all about supporting local businesses, and this is one way that we can say ‘thanks’ to those who support us in return. Paying back the favour, if you like.

So, who can you recommend?