With Your Partnerships’ expansion into Kent, new opportunities are opening up, via the connections we are making there. So now, Kitti Castle hosting a networking show from 1-2pm every week day.

You can catch it on Channel Radio UK, via your favourite digital radio service, or catch up online at your leisure.

However, the best part about this radio show is that you can be on it, as well as simply listening to it!

Calling YP Ambassadors

Kitti is inviting all YP Ambassadors to send her short recordings that can be played online.
She says, “Do not worry about how you sound or what to say, and you don’t even need a microphone, just your mobile phone! Please let me know if you have any questions or would like some help in getting started.” 

Record yourself, and send it by Whatsapp message to Kitti via the Ambassadors group chat, and she can do the rest – even taking out background noise.

Get involved

Whether you’re an ambassador or not, she’d love to hear from you. You an update about an event you’ve recently been to, or are excited to attend, great networking ‘wins’, or music requests… that’s exactly what she’s looking for. The idea is to grow the current hour-long programme into two hours, then three, and make it a real resource for businesspeople. 

Kitti also runs Kitti Talks, a separate business show, and she is always looking for guests to appear on that, where they’ll get a whole hour to talk about whatever they want. (Clearly ‘whatever you want within reason’, but imagine a whole hour to talk about a cause that’s important to you, or a business topic that people need to know more about, or simply to tell your story.)

Please contact for more details, or to submit an audio file.