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Your Partnerships Award Sponsors

Big Thank you to the sponsors who make the Your Partnerships Awards Night possible!

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YP Expanding

Your Partnerships is making links across the UK, that will greatly benefit existing members and bring new opportunities to all who are connected.

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Ambassadorship at Your Partnerships

Your Partnerships Ambassadors are running events across the country. Find out how becoming an Ambassador can benefit your business.

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Embracing the Electric Revolution

Electric vehicles for your business - what it's like driving an EV, and why your business could benefit.


Edward Chapman - YP ambassador

Edward Chapman is one of the ‘characters’ of Your Partnerships and an ambassador for several of our events. He’s the wearer of many hats, teller (and collector) of jokes, source of abundant positivity, and someone who pops up in many of the YP events in Cornwall.


Your Partnerships 5th Anniversary Awards Night

On Saturday 25 March 2023 we celebrated five years of Your Partnerships at Boringdon Golf Club in Plymouth.


Interview with James Collard, YP Ambassador in Bristol

One of Your Partnerships’ newest Ambassadors is James Collard, based in Bristol, a vibrant city that is full of business opportunities, entrepreneurs, and creative people.



Any Your Partnerships event that you go to, whether in person or online, will have someone ‘running’ it. Since Brock hasn’t mastered the art of cloning himself, or teleportation, and can’t be present everywhere, the host role is shared.


Interview with Warren D'Souza

Warren D’Souza is co-owner of the Cornwall Branch of Your Partnerships, together with Brock.