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New Tabletop Showcase opportunity

Opportunity to showcase your products at big networking events

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Your Partnerships Sponsorship Options

Your Partnerships offers a flexible array of membership and sponsorship options to suit every individual and business.

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Fffffs! Is Your Fabulous Food Failing to Feature and Flourish Successfully?

You know that your food is delicious - if only people would try it, they’d love it! But they're not trying it! Maybe this lack of interest could all be down to terrible photography!

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Interview with Helen Wylde of Wildanet

Follow the journey of Helen Wylde of Wildanet, connecting people throughout her career.

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Women Only Networking

Women Only Networking - does it have a place in this age of equality? Find out why Your Partnerships encourages women-only networking spaces.

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Meet AdSmart From Sky - AFFORDABLE TV Advertising

Learn more about affordable TV advertising from AdSmart from Sky, with Your Partnerships.


Why Charities should get involved with networking

For many people, the perception of networking is that it’s for businesses, and business owners. And those who represent or run a charity or other voluntary organisation are not going to benefit. However, that’s definitely not the case.


Award winners and finalists from the 5th anniversary awards night

Meet the winners and finalists from the Your Partnerships Fifth Anniversary Awards Night, March 2023


Walk and Talk - Netwalking with Annie Page

I recently joined business coach Annie Page on her netwalking adventure in Looe. I was immediately struck by one thing – Annie’s approach to networking has the potential to transform the way we do business here in Cornwall. The idea behind Annie’s netwalking sessions is beautifully simple. Bring professionals together to talk business whilst they […]


Location, location, location…

Cornish folk have long known that the county is a special place. Even in the depths of a long winter, we get incredible sunsets and perfect moments when the sun appears and makes everything brighter. So, it’s no surprise to me that Cornwall is increasingly a great hub for new businesses. Aside from the amazing […]


Business Cornwall recent feature

The team at Business Cornwall were kind enough to create an amazing article all about Cornish Partnerships. In the article, they managed to sum up everything we are about at Cornish Partnerships and I cannot commend the quality of the research, writing and content enough. Thank you Business Cornwall. Read the article here: Business Cornwall Article on […]


Introducing the Cornish Partnerships Ambassador Programme

What is it that you want from a networking meeting here in Cornwall? To make connections? Raise awareness of your brand? Or, maybe at this point in time, to just feel completely comfortable in a room full of strangers? Well, you can get all of those things from just one event with Cornish Partnerships – […]


Why face-to-face networking is still alive and kicking in 2019

For some people, face-to-face networking is dead – for others? It is the lifeblood of their business. Why? Because it’s all about trusting that it will work (as long as you keep at it). There are several good reasons for persisting and, if you’re not very good at talking to strangers, don’t worry – most […]


Online networking is a life-line for small businesses

At a time when the economy is struggling, small business owners are turning to online networking to build meaningful connections, raise their profile and generate leads. So much so, that networking franchise, Your Partnerships is expanding into new areas. Recently launched is Your Partnerships Isle of Wight and Your Partnerships Taunton and Somerset. More regions […]


How to get the most out of Networking

The first thing to remember is that networking is about building relationships and not about a hard sales pitch. The people you are meeting are not necessarily going to be your customers but it’s who they know and want to recommend to you that’s important – just as they will probably be looking for who […]


Top tips for making the most of your Zoom networking

As we start to get back to face to face meetings there are still the great opportunities that Zoom networking can give us. Collaborating with people from around the country does give great results (see our Members Success story in our October Newsletter!) So how can we make the best of our Zoom networking? These […]


Online networking - why there's still a place for it in 2022

Networking – where you talk business with people from local businesses. Online Networking – where you talk business with people from anywhere at all!



Any Your Partnerships event that you go to, whether in person or online, will have someone ‘running’ it. Since Brock hasn’t mastered the art of cloning himself, or teleportation, and can’t be present everywhere, the host role is shared.


Interview with Warren D'Souza

Warren D’Souza is co-owner of the Cornwall Branch of Your Partnerships, together with Brock.