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Your Partnerships award winners

Award winners from the Your Partnerships sixth anniversary celebration

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Who wants an award?

The 6th Anniversary celebration and awards night for Your Partnerships. Who will you nominate?

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YOUR PARTNERSHIPS ACADEMY Another Facet To Supporting Businesses

Your Partnerships Academy offers another facet to supporting businesses, with experts speaking about their subject areas.

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Empowering Cornwall's Creative Businesses Through Investment

Creating growth in the Creative Industries in Cornwall - free, extensive support available...

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Empowering Business and Wellbeing

Read the story of Rachel Jones, a childcare entrepreneur who now runs the Business Development side of charity Clear Support.

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CHRISTMAS - Coming Soon To A Customer Near You!

Using calendars and wall planners to extend the reach of your brand - cost effective and simple solutions.

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Ambassadorship at Your Partnerships

Your Partnerships Ambassadors are running events across the country. Find out how becoming an Ambassador can benefit your business.

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Embracing the Electric Revolution

Electric vehicles for your business - what it's like driving an EV, and why your business could benefit.

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Women Only Networking

Women Only Networking - does it have a place in this age of equality? Find out why Your Partnerships encourages women-only networking spaces.

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Meet AdSmart From Sky - AFFORDABLE TV Advertising

Learn more about affordable TV advertising from AdSmart from Sky, with Your Partnerships.


Networking with award-winning businesses

The networking event at Heartlands this week was well-attended, as usual, but had an above-average quota of award-winning businesses!


Edward Chapman - YP ambassador

Edward Chapman is one of the ‘characters’ of Your Partnerships and an ambassador for several of our events. He’s the wearer of many hats, teller (and collector) of jokes, source of abundant positivity, and someone who pops up in many of the YP events in Cornwall.


Why Charities should get involved with networking

For many people, the perception of networking is that it’s for businesses, and business owners. And those who represent or run a charity or other voluntary organisation are not going to benefit. However, that’s definitely not the case.


Interview with Warren D'Souza

Warren D’Souza is co-owner of the Cornwall Branch of Your Partnerships, together with Brock.


Business Bites

Your Partnerships is partnering with Shane Solomon of Corker Media, and Jay-Anne Dingwall to hold regular Business Bites workshop days, supporting local business owners to develop their brand and move their business forward to the next level.