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Your Partnerships Award Sponsors

Big Thank you to the sponsors who make the Your Partnerships Awards Night possible!

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I spy Your Partnerships vans

Your Partnerships vans travel the roads of the South of England carrying sponsors' branding with them. Find out how this could be your business too!

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CHRISTMAS - Coming Soon To A Customer Near You!

Using calendars and wall planners to extend the reach of your brand - cost effective and simple solutions.


Your Partnerships 5th Anniversary Awards Night

On Saturday 25 March 2023 we celebrated five years of Your Partnerships at Boringdon Golf Club in Plymouth.


Open House for Cornish Partnerships

Open House for Cornish Partnership – Sponsored by Cornwall Channel – The power of online video The first meeting last month had over 60 in attendance and thousands of pounds of business was produced from contacts via the meeting. It was a great event with great connections being made. The facebook video shows just how relaxed […]


Second Open House Networking Meeting

Another great event was held on 15 September at the Victoria Inn, Roche. The breakfast buffet was extremely good as usual and so was the atmosphere. Businesses from Devon attended and again we had a packed house. We had Shane from the Cornwall Channell attending and he filmed the entirety of the introductions live via […]


New Networking Opportunity in Looe

Invitation for all Cornish Partnership members to attend this new networking group in Looe. Informal meeting at Porthbyhan Hotel, West Looe on 5 March starting at 9.30am. Please sign up via the Eventbrite link below.


Meet the founder, David Brock (aka Brock)

Hello and welcome to the blog of Cornish Partnerships. Like all good networking circles, Cornish Partnerships is based on the very simple foundation of like-minded people getting to know each other so they can build relationships, learn about each other and their businesses and help each other through collaborations and referrals. It all starts with taking time […]


Can blogs really earn you money?

There must be a million and one articles online telling you how to make money from your blog. The truth is, that many of those advocate writing a blog and selling advertising from it, and in today’s world where there’s a wealth of free articles online, that’s getting harder and harder to do. My […]



As many of us small business owners know, Cornwall is a great hub when you’re running your own company. The SME community is vibrant and friendly and there are plenty of people on hand if you need advice or people who can refer your services on. Perhaps most importantly, you’ll build relationships with great people who end up sharing your journey as you go through the highs – and lows - of running your own business.



When we were in the design phase of the Cornish Partnerships website, we were sure we would at some stage include a search feature as we have always wanted our Partner’s details to be readily available so other Partners or the general public could find their services easily. Over the last few weeks, due to […]


Walk and Talk - Netwalking with Annie Page

I recently joined business coach Annie Page on her netwalking adventure in Looe. I was immediately struck by one thing – Annie’s approach to networking has the potential to transform the way we do business here in Cornwall. The idea behind Annie’s netwalking sessions is beautifully simple. Bring professionals together to talk business whilst they […]


Got any bright ideas?

If you are a business owner, chances are you have a good idea for a new product or service on a regular basis. Some you might already have resources with which to take the idea further and see whether it will fly. Others, however, may leave you wondering, well, it’s a brilliant idea that I just […]


Introducing the Cornish Partnerships Ambassador Programme

What is it that you want from a networking meeting here in Cornwall? To make connections? Raise awareness of your brand? Or, maybe at this point in time, to just feel completely comfortable in a room full of strangers? Well, you can get all of those things from just one event with Cornish Partnerships – […]


Why face-to-face networking is still alive and kicking in 2019

For some people, face-to-face networking is dead – for others? It is the lifeblood of their business. Why? Because it’s all about trusting that it will work (as long as you keep at it). There are several good reasons for persisting and, if you’re not very good at talking to strangers, don’t worry – most […]


Online networking is a life-line for small businesses

At a time when the economy is struggling, small business owners are turning to online networking to build meaningful connections, raise their profile and generate leads. So much so, that networking franchise, Your Partnerships is expanding into new areas. Recently launched is Your Partnerships Isle of Wight and Your Partnerships Taunton and Somerset. More regions […]


Top tips for making the most of your Zoom networking

As we start to get back to face to face meetings there are still the great opportunities that Zoom networking can give us. Collaborating with people from around the country does give great results (see our Members Success story in our October Newsletter!) So how can we make the best of our Zoom networking? These […]


Working together – Channel Finance Group and Support Dogs

This month we hear from Bill Christie of Channel Finance Group, who have become Your Partnerships members in the last year. I was on a Your Partnerships Midlands zoom networking event, when I met Chris Daykin of the charity Support Dogs and we discussed how I could help provide opportunities for his Sheffield based charity, […]


Introduction to your Partnerships

Your Partnerships is a relatively young networking group, holding its first event in January 2018, before growing into a network that hosts online events almost every working day of the month, and in-person events in Cornwall, Devon, Somerset and into Bristol, Hampshire and a few other locations.


Business Bites

Your Partnerships is partnering with Shane Solomon of Corker Media, and Jay-Anne Dingwall to hold regular Business Bites workshop days, supporting local business owners to develop their brand and move their business forward to the next level.