Property, Investment, Construction & Trade - Exeter

Property, Investment, Construction & Trade - Exeter

Exeter Court Hotel Kennford Exeter EX6 7UX

Property, Investment, Construction and Trade events in Exeter
 and all are welcome.

We are so proud to bring this event to Exeter as this same group has been very successful in Cornwall, Plymouth and Torquay. 

All who work in this sector or can provide products or services to work with this sector are encouraged to attend. Please bring your business cards and/or flyers so all can better know your offering and stay in touch. Also, invite all that you work with to help them and invite those you wish to work with in the future.

Members attend for free and guest pay a surcharge. 

The venue charge £17.50 for breakfast and unlimited tea and coffee.

Guest Tickets:

To avoid the guest surcharge, you can register for 30-day pass. Please find the 30-day pass below.

*When you access the link, you will be asked for your info and for your card details. You will not be charged until after the 30-days and you can quit at any time. 

Use this link to access the pass -

After you have registered, go to this link to view all events -

Our members pay nothing to attend events. The only fee on tickets as a member will be for your catering.

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