West Cornwall - Property, Investment, Construction and Trade Networking

West Cornwall - Property, Investment, Construction and Trade Networking

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Dave Pepperell is bringing- Property, Investment, Construction and Trade to West Cornwall and connections will be made to grow your business. Dave is a networking master and will ensure you are made welcome as well as ensure you gain needed connections.

This is the chance to meet and discuss the issues in your industry. We will have the chance to talk about challenges in the industries and find ways to share resources and meet our goals together.

With all the changes over the past few years in Cornwall we all need to work together where we can. The vision is to have trades persons being able to find new projects. Property developers finding both investment and needed staff and supply chain offers. Investors able to meet the real people making projects come true for future investment as well.

At Loggans Moor Brewers Fayre the catering is up you so you. There is always a full buffet on or you can order off the menu. We pay for our catering at the venue.

Members attend for free and pay for their own catering. Guests will pay the £15 guest ticket and pay for their catering at the venue. If you are new you can take the 30-day free pass and take a member ticket at all events during the 30-day period. Here is the link to the 30-day pass - https://yourpartnerships.co.uk/product/30-day-free-trial/

Looking forward to seeing you at the event.