Your business networking, we all learn from each other…

Your business networking, we all learn from each other…

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Come and network with other business owners as we work on our businesses rather than working in our businesses for a time to look at what best business practices and structure can help mould your business structure. We will have new topics each session to bring fresh insight into best learned practices and business tools to help in your business journey.

We are proud to have Simon A Martin Accountants hosting this event and to partner with business@breakfast (

All businesses are welcome.

We will also be looking for future guest speakers to talk at each of these events. Please make contact if you wish to guest speak in the future.

NOTE: Guest will pay £15 as a visitor but of course can take the 30-day pass which will allow you to bypass the visitor fee if you have not done so in the past. 

NOTE: All business@breakfast members welcome, please book as a member.

NOTE: Parking on the High Street is available for free until 10 am, so you are ok to park where there is a space.