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Building business relationships across the Globe

Your Partnerships Global was launched to extend the amazing success of the Your Partnerships networking platform to other countries all around the world. 

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Connect with businesses across the world

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Meet our Global partners

Your Partnerships was formed primarily to connect people and businesses and form extremely beneficial relationships. If you’ve met one of our partners at an event, or perhaps you simply need a trusted service, you can find them here.
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Becoming a partner is easy, simply...

Step 1. Find an event

Find an event that suits your availability and location.


Step 2. Book as a guest

Book an event as a guest member. That way you’ll have the chance to meet the hosts and talk to the variety of businesses that are already seeing their businesses grow as a result of the connections they make at Your Partnerships.

Step 3. Join the partnership

When you join you get the added benefit of the first two months for the price of one.

Why struggle to meet the right people? Build the connections you need to help your business grow.

A few words from our valued Partners

"I have no hesitation in recommending Your Partnerships to any business. My company, Cornwall Channel, has benefited by a vast amount since joining."
Shane Solomon
Cornwall Channel
"Since joining Your Partnerships I have received support, connections and gained multiple clients. If you're looking to grow your business, you've come to the right place!"
Gavin Harris
Kernow Social Media Agency
"Your Partnerships is proving to be an ideal way of meeting like minded business people who share contacts, tips and other valuable ways to enhance our businesses."
Gareth Looker
Looker Marketing

Meet our Global sponsors

Active Partners can now become official Sponsorship Partners from £40.00 per month. A limited number of Sponsors will be taken on so to discuss not missing this opportunity please get in touch via the contact page. Sponsors receive invites to special meetings and events.

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Marc Jarrett

Marc spent most of his career in telecoms and was first-to-market with ringtones and logos back in the day when every other person has a Nokia. A voracious networker, he runs dozens of WhatsApp groups, each with their own theme. He teaches others how to network virtually and describes himself as a disruptive game changing virtual power networker.